Monster Montauk Sharks

Woman with Shark

Montauk is famous for monster sharks. The local waters surrounding Montauk are full of sharks feeding on massive schools of migrating fish. All the blue fish, stripped bass, mackeral, tuna and many other species migrate around Montauk point every year. These large bodies of fish, seals and whales, ring the dinner bell for huge monster sharks. This is why many world record sharks have been caught in local Montauk waters. Every year anglers from around the world come to Montauk to catch monster sharks and fish the numerous shark tournaments. Thanks to shark legend and monster man, Frank Mundus and others, we know what giants lurk below the surface. Fish like jaws are real and live just off the coast of Montauk. Giant monster blue sharks, mako sharks, threasher sharks, and many others, including the great white shark, live and eat here. Take your chances, try your luck, and lets go hunt for the monster Montauk sharks.

Shark Trip - Catch monster Montauk sharks.

  • Depart star island in the morning about 5:30 – 6:00 am
  • Catch live bait, blues and strippers
  • Head to the shark grounds, 20-30 miles
  • Set up the chum slick and wait for the monsters

Shark fishing is our favorite! It has proven to be the most exciting fishing Montauk has to offer.

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